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We have a network of over 800+ content creators who have built loyalty, trust and most importantly influence with the audience that you are eager to get your product into the hands of. 
Our influencers pride themselves on working with brands that exist to be a force for good in the world; who celebrate diversity, champion individuality, cherish authenticity and inspire their audiences to pursue their dreams.

So, how do we do it?

The Thank You Way

When companies connect with human emotions, the pay off can be huge. We know experientially that influencer content that makes the viewer “feel something” has higher engagement, increased shares and has the potential to “go viral” over any other content.
Whilst experience is important data also supports the Thank You premise:
Emotionally triggering content can persuade 70% of viewers to buy a product (Unruly)
Content with higher-than-average emotional responses generate 23% of sales spikes (Nielsen)
An emotional connection between a customer and the organization is 52% more valuable than a highly satisfied customer (HBR)
Subconscious factors influence 95% of purchase decisions (Inc)
Four out of five (81%) emotionally connected consumers promote brands to their closest circle and spend more on the brand too (Netimperative)
82% of top-performing companies are paying closer attention to the human experience online (PWC)

Our Philosophy

Over the past 13 years our team has created a unique “Thank You” Campaign philosophy that recognises the awesomeness of individuals whether that be members of the public, influencers or online communities. The content that flows from these campaigns forges the deepest relationships between brand and consumers.

How we do it?

Our 3 Step Process

Our team has perfected an unparalleled three step process that will ensure the maximum amount of return on your Thank You Campaign. That process is…

Aligned Influencers

We have built a trusted network of influencers whose values already match those of any purpose driven brand… a hungry audience of millions of people ready for you to tap into.

Compelling Creative

Our team will work with your brand to create compelling “Thank You’ content that powerfully connects with your demographic online and grabs attention. We work with our influencers to activate those campaigns in the most effective way in this fast paced market.

Multiply by Media

We will then take your live campaign to our media partners to secure coverage on tv, newspaper and radio both online and offline fuelling the amount of exposure to your brand.
We have a unique and proven method of how we run things that generates results across social media and traditional media. If it’s time that you exchanged the “create, post and hope” influencer marketing strategies for building deeper audience loyalty, then it’s time we had a conversation.
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Our Success

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Team Cooldown

Meet Our Founder

Mark Bowness first launched into the purpose driven, cause based marketing space when he leased a 200 acre-island in Fiji and invited the world to build an eco-island from scratch. Not only was this business featured in media all over the world but it became a TV show in 3 countries.
As a result Mark was hired by TV production powerhouse EndemolShine to work with brands and products to use the power of social media to catapult them into the eyes of their audience. Mark has worked with brands including Sony PSP, Trident, Canon, The Royal Air Force, Acuvue, Doritos, Virgin, STA Travel, No Fear Energy Drink, Tourism Auckland/Tourism Australia and more.
It is Mark’s unique approach of combining aligned influencers with compelling “Thank You” creative to build performance driven influencer campaigns that are then multiplied through the power of traditional media that keeps Thank You’s clients coming back for more. 
Mark also works as a social media consultant to purpose led brands.

Ready to launch your Thank You Campaign?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at
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